Where a personal brand ends and a business one begins?

I believe business owners infuse their own personality into businesses they develop (perhaps that is why we often describe it as being invested in something…). I know I did. I do! The question is which elements of your disposition – as a business owner or an entrepreneur – make your brand stronger? Which traits can you transform into business assets? Do you know someone who achieved that and can they tell you all about the transformation? And how does that influence their voice, their language?

There is a good chance you will find an example you can relate to in this book. Here you have 45 brand stories.

I decided to go for detailed, behind-the-scenes-type of introspective stories of start-ups, solopreneurs and even businesses with international presence: a varied selection to give you a decent spectrum of what is possible.
Ponder over 10 brand hero characteristics, defined in an easy to read, yet thought-provoking way to stimulate action on your part.

I constructed this book to help you see which elements of your personality have the potential of being heroic, so you can become a Brand Hero yourself.

Turn your brand hero thinking on & make your brand stronger
Klementyna de Sternberg Stojalowska

BRAND HEROES find the one that works for your business
• 45 brand stories • 10 characteristics • 1 good read

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