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I have worked in the world of advertising and branding since 2004, on the agency and client sides. Indeed, I had the pleasure of cooperating with some of the biggest international brands and learned how they approach their brand language and communication. Today, through the good copywriter (my trading name), I implement this experience in developing brand voice, writing blogs, articles and web copy for start ups and small businesses.

In 2015 and 2016 I interviewed 90 founders of small, medium, and international businesses, entrepreneurs from across industries. Those conversations inspired me to investigate the elements that make a Brand Hero. Especially the way they communicate, how their voice evolves and tone changes.  The outcome of this process is included in my first book ‘BRAND HEROES find the one that works for your business vol.1’

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You can be a fascinating brand even if you do not think “you are born yet”; some of the most beautiful brands think about themselves as brands in the making
Klementyna de Sternberg Stojalowska

BRAND HEROES find the one that works for your business
• 45 brand stories • 10 characteristics • 1 good read

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If my short bio isn’t enough for you, here’s a fuller version.

1983 was a good year for me. A year when it all began – when I began – as I was born on 8th October in Kraków, Poland. I was born a second time, as a professional, in 2004. Then I started work as a copywriter in a full-service advertising agency.

(Full service, in the context of an advertising agency, means they take care of the whole campaign process: from initial ideas, through strategy, production, implementation and, when required, follow up. This also means that they can engage with various media platforms, depending on client’s requirements.)

Here I got immersed in the advertising alchemy, working on accounts for small, medium and huge brands with international presence, for instance BP, Tesco, Roca Poland, Novartis, Janssen Cilag, Grants. As one-half of a creative team I even won two industry accolades. Understanding big brand thinking (how they identify and express themselves, how they communicate and why they behave the way they do) was an important element of my professional development.

As for my education, I obtained a Masters Degree in Sociology from Jagiellonian University in Kraków. Sociology is a versatile, fascinating subject. You explore behaviours of groups and people, study their beginnings and developments, look at why and how relationships turn to networks and how institutions emerge. As such it lends itself nicely to branding. Both in case of a brand itself and its clients. I have always been intrigued by why brands manifest themselves the way they do, what is the origin of their values and why they attract certain groups above others. This background helped me get a comprehensive, to unearth true values of a brand and motivations of an ideal client.

In the meantime I got married, moved to the UK and founded Inc Element providing creative branding solutions. You can say I was born for a third time… Initially this meant writing copy for London-based agencies, creative adaptations and translations for brands including TK Maxx, BP. I continued to observe Britain’s entrepreneurial scene and wanted to work directly with businesses. I also engaged with various networking groups and invested in business education – I am a proud alumnus of Dent’s Key Person of Influence. It was around that time that I had an idea to interview entrepreneurs and business owners with a view to investigate what makes a strong brand, be it a personal or a business one. Why have they gone into business in the first place, what do they believe in, what and whose problems are they solving, and how, and why… This project resulted in an unprecedented introspection, a behind-the-scenes-view of brands at different stages of maturity. We get to see them as they are now and also take a look at the process of their becoming. This observation led me to identify an archetype of, what I call, a Brand Hero. That in turn transformed into my first book.

This research and experience led me to having been a Guest Lecturer at the University of Essex, helping MBA students with brand communication and storytelling, speaking at Google Campus on the role of brand and brand language as a business asset (as part of a Migrant Business Accelerator), being a mentor to several start-ups (including med tech, personal development and creative sectors), leading a business networking group for Polish Professionals in London, and speaking on subjects of developing a brand language, storytelling, communication, and – my favourite – copywriting. It also inspired me to formulate a 5-step brand language development methodology, SPACE, where I look at the story, personality, audience, communication and evolution.

For now, I live in the Scottish Highlands, with husband and two cats, where I enjoy the scenery, literary landscape, an occasional board game and a sci-fi box set.

Would you like to find out more about my copywriting business? Go to thegoodcopywriter.co.uk

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